Proxy Scrape

ProxySpider can scrape thousands of proxies from all over the internet, and it can continue scraping fresh proxies while you work.

Proxy Check

When ProxySpider scrapes proxies, it checks them at the same time and categorizes them by country, speed, anonymous proxy, highly anonymous proxy, gateway, referer, cookie, https, post, delay, etc. It supports http, socket4, socket5, etc. You can also import a local file to check and categorise proxies listed in the file.

Proxy Filter

After checking proxies, you can filter them based on the category and export into a file, or output them to other programs in real time.

Proxy Output

You can set an ip and port in ProxySpider, then other programs can import the latest filtered proxies by visiting the ip and port using http protocol such as

Functions Free Version Pro Version
Proxy Check
Proxy Scrape (Only Scrape 100 proxies) (No limit)
Proxy Filter
Http Output
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